Hello, welcome.  My name is Lesa Marcum and I’m glad you stopped by my corner of the web.  I am an educator and a mom.  Those worlds collided for me when I left teaching at public school and decided to home-school.   I  feel I owe it to my kids to continue learning and growing, not only as a person, but in the field of education.  I want the best for them including the best education.  I want them to be problem-solvers and critical thinkers.  I want them to love to read and learn.  I want them to be creative and have the confidence to create.  I want them to grow in character because our world is so terribly desperate for kindness, and selflessness, and love.  And I want them to find their voice.  You see, the children we are raising today are the voice of the next generation.  I want to do my part to raise kids that know and stand for what and WHO they believe in.  I hope you leave here inspired and encouraged.